Recommended Websites, Q-Z




Windows to the Universe
Information about space and the planets

National Center for Atmospheric Research

Class Zone
by McDougal Litell – link to text book

Boat Safe Kids – History of Navigation

Institute of Navigation

Science Textbook

Oceans Alive from the Museum of Science

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Ocean World from Texas A & M University

Natural History Musem (London)

NASA History

National Science Foundation

Enchanged Learning
Information on a variety of topics.  Scroll down the page, select topic and then subtopic

The Navigators
Navigation – by Australian Broadcasting Corporation – check basic information, history, and links

US Coast Guard Navigation Center

National Maritime Museum
United Kingdom – online exhibits

Web Elements


Periodic Table

Environmental Chemistry

World Book Online

Missouri Botanical Garden
Find out about living in the different biomes of the world

Ocean Link – all about the ocean

Science and Technology Focus – Oceanography



Pro Football Hall of Fame

National Football League

National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum

Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame

Hockey Hall of Fame

Women’s National Basketball Assocation

National Association of Stock Car Racing


Major League Baseball

National Basketball Association

Hickock Sports

National Hockey League

Formula One Racing Official Page

Sports Know How



Trash to Treasure

These websites have been selected for use with the Discovery class “Trash to Treasure.”
More websites will be added as recommended.

DIY Inspired

Good Housekeeping

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