Program Description

The instructional program provided by the Montoursville Area School District will be developmental in approach.  The student will be taught, in English, at their level.  Depending on the needs of the student, the ESL teacher will provide the services of one to three hours daily.  We also will utilize our Title I program, MTSS Instructional Support Team, and any volunteer translators we can engage.  Carefully planned instruction aligned with the Pennsylvania State Standards and planned instruction with classroom teachers, will be utilized in helping those students reach their ESL goals.

All ESL students will be able to participate in any or all extracurricular programs that are offered by the school including music, art, and sports activities.  Vocational Education, Business and Academic related curriculums will also be available.

Program Goals

  • To develop pupil competency in understanding, speaking, reading and writing English.
  • To provide educational experiences that will prepare pupils to complete high school and to enter institutions of higher education and/or the world of work.
  • To orient pupils and their parents to the school and the community.
  • To enhance pupils’ sense of self-worth by highlighting contributions made by their ethnic group to society.


Language Proficiency Levels-