Montoursville Area School District Foundation (MASDF)

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The Foundation‘s Purpose:

  • Provide support for educational experiences that foster lifelong interest in learning and community
  • Generate and promote funding to enhance the educational experience of our students
  • Provide otherwise unfunded opportunities for the students served by The Montoursville Area School District

Objectives of the Foundation:

  • Promote student development through enriching programs and activities
    • Medical Career Program
    • Theatre Arts Program
  • Receive, Raise and Administer Funds outside of traditional school funding system to reinforce and supplement the goals of the Montoursville Area School District
    • STEM Initiative
    • Technology for Classrooms
    • Playground Equipment

Venture Grants for Teachers

  • The Foundation rewards the creation of exciting and innovative educational ideas.  Venture Grants are awarded on a competitive basis to enable unique teaching strategies
  • Easy application
  • $1000 Grant
  • Fast turn-around time
  • Great for smaller projects that need a little extra funding!
  • Please use this link for the grant application:  Venture Grant Application


Mrs. Breon – Animal Life Cycle Project

  • The first-grade students at Lyter Elementary started a project on life cycles, by incubating and hatching chicken eggs.  
  • The Foundation provided funding for an incubator, candling equipment, nesting boxes, and a chick brooder.  Students were involved in the entire process and understand the importance of  animal care, farming, and egg production.

  Mrs. Fortin – Pond Study: Montour Preserve

  • An outdoor adventure field trip to Montour Preserve where 3rd grade students learned about Birds of Prey, local history of waterways, and about nature through a Nature Walk using their senses. In addition, students dug for fossils in the fossil pitand took part in a Pond Study investigation in which they collected and identified a variety of macroinvertebrates and other aquatic critters found in a pond ecosystem.  
  • The Foundation provided nets and collection basins for teams of students to use to “scoop” and  collect samples from the pond to study and identify using macroinvertebrate charts.

Please view this video: MASD Foundation Video for Teachers

Educator in Residence

The objective is to bring valuable people into the classrooms of the Montoursville Area School District Foundation, where they can share their expertise with students, staff, and in some cases, members of the community.

Michael Musto (President)      Susan Harvey (Secretary)       Jessica Knittle (Treasurer)                                                                                         Alex Witter       Andrea Bower       Dan Asiello                 

School District Members
Daniel Taormina       Jessica Breon       Megan Altebrando

School District Board Director
David Young

How Can You Contribute?

Contributions in any amount will benefit the charitable goals of the Montoursville Area School District Foundation. Gifts may be made using a variety of methods, with some of the most popular including:

  • Monetary Donations via mail (Cash/Checks) or PayPal (credit card, see “Donate” link below)
  • Bequests via wills or living trusts
  • Gifts of appreciated assets (stocks, bonds, etc.)

We also welcome you to donate annually.
Sponsorship Levels Below:

  • GOLD SPONSOR $2,500
  • BLUE SPONSOR $1,000

DONATE via Paypal

The Montoursville Area School District Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Contributions may be tax deductible. For more information on tax exempt organizations, please consult your tax adviser.

Join the MASD Foundation!

To inquire about volunteer opportunities within our organization, please email us at:

Opportunities include, but are not limited to:

  • Fundraising Event Volunteers
  • Event Planning
  • Board Membership

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