Society is placing ever-increasing pressures on each of us. Teenagers, in particular, face daily challenges of changing values, changing family and social relationships, pressures from work, school and friends. These challenges are occurring at a time when an adolescent is already experiencing rapid biological, physical and psychological changes.

An estimated 4.6 million American teenagers have problems caused by alcohol use. More than one out of every three high school seniors report drinking heavily – five or more drinks in a row over a two-week period. Abuse of other substances is also increasing among teens.

Alcohol and drug related traffic accidents are the leading cause of death for the 16-24 age group. Suicide is the second leading cause of death among teenagers.

Because the Montoursville Area School District recognizes that some students may be experiencing problems with alcohol or other drug use and/or feelings of depression, we have developed the McMAP (McCall’s Montoursville Assistance Program) Team.

McMAP consists of professionals from your school who have received intensive training in listening skills, adolescent development, adolescent depression and suicide and adolescent substance abuse. Team members include administrators, teachers, a nurse, a guidance counselor and representatives from Lycoming County counseling agencies.


The purpose of the McMAP is to identify and make appropriate referrals for students who are experiencing problems with alcohol or other drug use, depression and/or feelings of suicide. The McMAP will accept referrals from parents, students and school staff. Upon referral, the student is interviewed by trained members of the Team, and recommendations are made for referral to appropriate community resources or educational groups.

McMAP is……

  • an identification program
  • an intervention program
  • a referral program
  • confidential

McMAP is not…..

  • a counseling program
  • a treatment program
  • a discipline program


Parental Referral

Parents who are concerned that alcohol or other drug usage or depression may be affecting their son or daughter are encouraged to contact any member of the McMAP Team.

Student Referral

A student who is concerned about his or her own use or another student’s use of alcohol or other drugs, or is concerned about severe depression, may contact a member of the McMAP Team.

Staff Referral

Teachers and other school staff are alert to the signs and symptoms of possible chemical use and misuse. In addition, they are often the first to notice signs of depression in a student. They may refer a student by contacting any member of the McMap Team.

How can you know if a person is “at risk” for suicide or drug abuse?

Generally, you can watch for changing patterns of appearance, performance and behavior.

These are some common clues:

-deterioration in physical appearance and health;
-downward turn in grades;
– increase in tardiness, absenteeism;
-withdrawing or change in friends;
-possession of drugs or paraphernalia;
-odor or drugs or “cover-up” scents;
-talk of suicide or death;
-giving away possessions;
– sudden good mood, following a depression.

How can YOU help?

– Watch for signs.
– Listen to the person – do not judge.
– Encourage the person to talk to a trusted adult. Remember, you are not a counselor.
– Go with the person if necessary.
– Do NOT promise “not to tell.” If you think it’s serious, trust your feelings. Friendship sometimes means taking risks.
– Take care of yourself, too. Is is stressful to feel responsible for a friend. Talk to someone you trust.


For Help Call:

McCall Middle School – 368-2441
Team Members
Mrs. Baier
Mr. Gemberling
Mrs. Hoinowski
Mrs. Hackenberg
Mrs. Logue
Mr. Marriott
 Mr. Myers
Mrs. Russell
 Mr. Schreiter


Lycoming County Children & Youth Services Crisis & Emergency

24 hours 570-326-7895

Suicide Prevention Hotline