What Is MAP?

MAP is the Montoursville Area High School Student Assistance Program.

The mission of the MAP team is to assist students in overcoming a variety of problems, to remain in school, achieve academic success and advance toward meeting graduation requirements.

The role of the MAP team is to build a working partnership with families, focus on students’ successes and assist families in identifying options for professional support when the issue is beyond the services of the school.

The Montoursville Assistance Program (MAP) team is made up of teachers, the school nurse, school counselors, administrators and appropriate agencies from the community. Every MAP team member has received formal training through a state-endorsed program for identifying “at-risk” behaviors in students who are experiencing school-related problems. The MAP team will then refer these students to the appropriate school and community resources.


MAP is…

An identification program

An intervention program

A referral program

MAP is not…

A counseling program

A treatment program

A discipline program

The purpose of the MAP team is to identify, assess and refer.

For more information on student assistance teams, please visit the state web site at:



The Crisis Intervention Unit 24 Hours
Call 570-326-7895

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The West Branch Drug & Alcohol Abuse Commission
Call 570-323-8543

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Behavioral Health Center Assessment Services
Call 570-320-7525

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