Student Identification


Upon entrance into the MASD, all students will be given a Home Language Survey (HLS) to be completed by a parent or guardian at the time of registration. Based on the HLS, if the answers to the questions are any language other than English, this student will be identified as a student with a PHLOTE (Primary Home Language Other Than English).  With parental/guardian permission an ESL teacher will administer a state approved placement screening in the student’s building within the first two weeks of attendance in our schools.

The ESL team, including the ESL teachers, ESL coordinator, and building principal, will place the student in the ESL Program if he/she meets the district’s ESL entrance criteria. The ESL teacher will call parents or guardians of assessed child(ren), notifying them whether or not their child is eligible for ESL services.  If the assessment criteria deems a student is eligible for ESL services, the parents must provide written permission for the child to receive ESL/ELL services.