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Loyalsock Valley Elementary School News


CLICK HERE for a Video Infograph of a typical day at our School under our COVID-19 Precautions and Guidelines.


How will this be different than the spring of 2020?
We have invested heavily in hardware, software, and training to provide a full education to our students. In a hybrid model, instruction is provided all 5 days as compared to the “Enrichment and Review” activities which were provided in the spring. Students will be graded and have the same expectations for classwork that they would have for a full in-person instructional model.  We will cover the same amount of material in accordance with state standards.  

How are students divided in a hybrid model?  

Each class has been divided into two groups.

BLUE GROUP/”GROUP A” (Mon./Tues. at school) The first day of school for this group will be Tuesday, September 1 (all grades K-12).  

* Please note that for the first two weeks of school, this group will attend on Tuesdays and Wednesdays due to the school calendar and Labor Day. *

GOLD GROUP/”GROUP B” (Thurs./Fri. at school)The first day of school for this group will be Thursday, September 3 (all grades K-12).


How will I know which ‘Group’ my child is in?
Final groupings will appear in the Parent Portal by the end of the week (8/21).
Requests have been taken to accommodate families where an older student is needed for child care for a younger child(ren) and family work schedules.  

What do the 2-days of school look like?
The 2 in-person days are used for direct instruction, assessments, projects, small group instruction, homework review, and anything additional that cannot be readily delivered through the Chromebooks or iPads. The more difficult concepts will be delivered in-class with practice assigned on the other days.

How will the cycle day rotation be followed with a hybrid model?
Our district follows a 6 day cycle for instruction.

The day cycles will be as follows:
Week 1M – Day 1, T – Day 2, Th – Day 1, F – Day 2
Week 2M – Day 3, T – Day 4, Th – Day 3, F – Day 4
Week 3M – Day 5, T – Day 6, Th – Day 5, F – Day 6

Will my child be provided with a device to use on the days in which they are not receiving face-to-face instruction? 

Yes! This year all students in grades K-12 will receive a device (Chromebook or iPad) for use throughout the entire academic year. Parents will be required to review and sign off on the “Acceptable Use Policy” prior to their child being issued a device. This policy can be accessed on the Parent Portal. Hard copies of the permission release can be provided upon request.

What do the 3-days of at-home instruction look like?
The 3-days of at-home instruction may include pre-recorded lessons by our teachers, assignments that are linked to the direct instruction, readings, homework, classwork, and anything else that we can provide through the Chromebooks/ iPads utilizing Google Classroom.  The advantage over all remote learning is that students and teachers can make sure they have everything downloaded to their devices instead of relying on the internet. 

How will I know if my child is working on their work?
Please ask your child to show you their work and monitor the completion of their assignments. Google Classroom has a feature to provide Guardian Notifications via email regarding assignments and key information. Using the email address provided in the Parent Portal, you will receive an email to accept these notifications. If you do not wish to receive these notifications, you will need to opt out. These notifications will be vital for you to remain informed of your child’s progress. If you ever have concerns, teachers will have office hours on Wednesdays from 9:00 am – 10:00 am and 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm for parent contacts and student’s individual needs.  They are also available through email.


What are the times for arrival and dismissal at each elementary school?

The Loyalsock Valley Elementary School day begins promptly at 8:30 a.m. Private car dismissal will be 2:50 p.m. Bus dismissal will begin shortly after.

The Lyter Elementary School day begins promptly at 8:20 a.m.  Private car and walker dismissal will be 2:45 p.m. Bus dismissal will begin shortly after.

Will elementary students still have recess?

Yes! Our elementary students will be able to get outside, play, and burn off some energy at school. Recess will occur by grade levels. Students will be required to wear a face covering while at recess. All students will wash their hands upon reentry to the building. 

Will my child have access to breakfast?

Yes. Breakfast will be available for purchase from our food service provider via a grab-and-go model to eat in the classroom.  

How will my elementary child eat lunch?

Elementary students will eat lunch in the cafeteria or in their assigned classrooms. Elementary students will be able to purchase lunches from the school cafeteria. While this might look slightly different in each school, we want to ensure that students are supervised in a way that still allows for interaction with their friends. 

Students will maintain social distancing while waiting in line and will sit in a fashion that maintains appropriate distance between students. Individuals will be required to sanitize or wash their hands prior to, and after, eating. 



Does my child need to wear a mask all day?
YES, based on the “Updated mask requirements released by the Pennsylvania Departments of Education and Health” revised on 8/17/20. It can only be removed when eating and/or drinking. All students will be issued a cloth face mask, a gaiter, and a face shield on the first day for their use. Please be sure to send your child to school with appropriate face covering for the first day of school. Students will be permitted to choose which face covering they prefer to wear. We will provide face covering breaks when students can be at least 6ft. apart.  If your child cannot wear a mask due to a medical condition, a note MUST be provided from a doctor.  If students refuse to comply with the face covering requirement, parents will be notified.

Is there a back-to-school supply list?

While you certainly may send your child to school with personalized supplies, we will provide elementary students with all the essential supplies for use during the school day. 

Is my child permitted to bring a water bottle to school?

Yes. Water fountains have been turned off as per the guidance from the CDC  and, therefore, the district has installed water bottle fillers in all buildings. Students are encouraged to bring their own bottle. 

Will there be an Open House and Kindergarten Orientation?

Elementary Open House and Kindergarten Orientation will be hosted virtually. Look for more information in the coming days from your child’s teacher.  

Will school activities (field trips, assemblies, walk-a-thons, evening events, etc) still occur?

Our staff will make sure that school remains a FUN place to be! However, we must do so safely. At this time, all field trips and other activities where social distancing cannot be easily maintained have been canceled for 2020-21. We will continue to monitor state guidelines for possible resumption of these activities that support our educational program. 

Will visitors be permitted in the building?

All non-essential visitors, volunteers, and activities* (including assemblies and parties) that involve outside groups or parental supervised programming will not be allowed at this time. By greatly limiting additional individuals in our schools, we will be directly following CDC and PA Department of Health guidance and reducing the potential for viral transmission in the school environment.

What should each family consider before school each morning?

The district is responsible for conducting their own contract tracing in the event of a COVID-19 outbreak.  Families are asked to complete this pre-screening survey each morning before school:

Click here for pre-screening survey