Parents of pre-K to grade 2 students…check out Ready Rosie


    Do you have an infant or pre-school aged child in your home?  Do you live in the Montoursville Area School District?  Then please take advantage of this free service offered to all children in Lycoming County. ReadyRosie is an online resource that provides activities for adults to do with children ages zero to six. The activities are simple and only take about two minutes a day!

    Here’s how to register:

    1. Go to and click on the Register section at the top of the page.

    2. Type in your zip code.

    3.  Choose the Montoursville Area School District under the District/Organization section.

    4.  Complete the rest of the information for the registration process.

    5.  Part of the registration process will ask you to choose a school; please choose the elementary school your child might attend once they reach kindergarten age.

    Upon registration, you will begin receiving an email and/or SMS text message with an activity you can do at home or at school with your child(ren). Each message will contain: an activity modeled on video in ENGLISH, a similar activity modeled on video in SPANISH, and an expert video to help explain the WHY behind the activity. After registering, download the mobile app for your iPhone or Android device.