MS Library – Guidelines and Procedures

Library Guidelines and Procedures

Do I need a special pass to go to the Library?

YES – you need a library pass signed by your teacher when you come to the library.  Be sure to stamp your pass in time to clock at the door when you enter the library.  You also need to sign-in and put your pass on the table.  When you leave, pick up your pass, stamp-out and return your pass to your teacher.

If a classroom teacher writes a pass for you to use during study hall, your pass needs two signatures – Classroom and Study Hall teacher.

You do not need a pass when you drop off a book between classes.

How many items can I check out?

You may have a total of four items checked out at a time, if in fifth grade; others six.  This includes: books, magazines, DVD’s, audio books, eReaders and overnight materials.  Limit one each: magazines, DVD, audio, eReader and overnight items.

How long is the Library loan period?

Books, magazines and audio books are loaned out for three weeks.

DVD’s can be checked out for two days.  Reference items that can be checked out are overnight only.  If you run out of time and cannot finish whatever you’ve checked out before the due date – renew it!  You can renew your item for additional time, unless it is on reserve by another person.  You can renew materials online (if it’s not overdue) or stop in the library.

What if I am late returning my library materials?

Regular materials that are returned late have a 5 cent fine for each school day that it is late.  DVD’s are 25 cents a day and overnights are 10 cents a day.  You are not charged for weekends, vacation days or sick days.  There will be a charge if you have damaged or lost an item.  If your items or fines are overdue for two weeks or more, your library privileges may be restricted.

Library Behavior and Procedures

Enter the library quietly through the main doors; remain quiet during your stay and leave the library through the same doors you entered – Quietly!

Make sure you stamp your pass, sign in and put your pass on the table next to the circulation desk.  When you leave – don’t forget your pass, stamp out and sign-out.  Return your pass to your teacher.

If you must talk – whisper.  Remember, students will be reading, selecting materials, taking tests, researching, etc.  Everyone should be on task and be courteous of others.

Library computers are primarily for educational use and those students have priority over other uses.  Always ask Ms. Green if you need to use the computers for something other than those items listed as self-help.  There are 15 regular computers (3 are catalogs) and 30 Chromebooks available for student use.  Be sure to sign-in on the sheets with each computer.

We have a wide variety of materials for you to use – help yourself.  If you would like some help or suggestions, please ask Ms. Green for assistance.

The online resources are accessible from school and home.  Usernames and passwords are needed for some sites.  Visit the library for passwords.