Medication Policy

Guidelines for the Dispensing of Medication During School Hours

The Montoursville Area School District recognizes that parents have the primary responsibility for the health of their children.  Although the district strongly recommends that medication be given in the home, it realizes that the health of some children requires that they receive medication during school hours.

Parents should confer with the child’s physician to ARRANGE MEDICATION TIME INTERVALS TO AVOID SCHOOL HOURS WHENEVER POSSIBLE.  To assure the safety and protection of your child, when medication absolutely must be given during school hours, the following procedures should be followed:

  1. Any medication to be given during school hours must be delivered directly to the school nurse or her designee, by the parent or a responsible adult. The medication must be brought to school in the original pharmaceutically dispensed and properly labeled container. All medication must be stored under lock and key.
  2. A physician’s written request for the school to dispense prescription or non-prescription medication must indicate: child’s name, medication prescribed, dosage, and time schedule. The parent may obtain this at the time the physician writes the prescription. This request must accompany the medication.
  3. In the event a child has a severe allergy, which, if not properly treated could be life threatening, it shall be the responsibility of the parent to provide the school with proper medication.
  4. Students requiring an inhaler and/or Epi-pen must submit an order from the physician indicating that the student is permitted to carry this medication with them at all time. The student must also demonstrate proper administration of the medication and the purpose of the medication. If the student takes the medication because he/she is having symptoms, they must be seen by the nurse for further evaluation.
  5. Students will be responsible for reporting to the nurse’s office at the time the medication is to be dispensed.
  6. A chronological log will be maintained for each student receiving medication. The record will include: student’s name, grade, medication, dosage, route, time and nurse’s initials. In addition, a form indicating the amount of each prescription brought to the school is to be completed by a school official and the parent.
  7. All medication must be picked up by the parent or a responsible adult at the end of the school year. All medication remaining on the last teacher in-service day will be properly discarded.
  8. Parents must make arrangements with their child’s school nurse regarding medication administration during school field trips. This must be done prior to the day of the field trip. No teacher will be administering medications.
  9. Each school year, the physician and parent/guardian MUST complete a new medication form. Orders are not carried over from year to year.