Point of Sale

The cafeteria point of sale system has been a huge success and is now in place throughout the entire district. Every student in the Montoursville Area School District has a Point of Sale Cafeteria Account. These accounts are debit accounts and not credit accounts. Parents may make deposits to these accounts by sending checks or cash to school with the student in an envelope that includes the students name, account number and amount of money in the envelope. Parents may also create an online payment account using debit or credit cards at www.myschoolbucks.com. Additional information for the process is available at the MyLunchMoney page found in the left navigation menu. 

All deposits to the system must be made prior to 10:00 am or the deposit will not be entered into the students account until the next school day. 

When funds are maintained on the students account, parents no longer have to be concerned about providing lunch money on a daily or weekly basis.  However, parents and students are reminded that their unique identification number to purchase food items is to remain confidential.  From time to time, students have shared their pin or allowed other students to make purchases on their account.  This type of activity will not only expend funds in their account more quickly, it also has an adverse affect on the District’s federal and state subsidies.  Parents should remind your children not to share their account information or allow others to use their account.