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Evan’s Angle: DC gracefully reboots beloved film franchise

Senior Evan McConnaughhay is assistant editor of The Arrowhead.

A precedent has been set by the films of the recent past for DC’s superhero movies.

A precedent of unfavorable stature, as DC film and television have had a reputation of producing subpar content for some time now.

The time that you could date the decline of DC media is certainly up for debate, but most would associate this decline alongside the release of its movie “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” for its questionable acting performances and flimsy script. 

From there, DC movies would have a widely known perception as subpar films, with ones like 2016’s “Suicide Squad,” 2020’s “Wonder Woman,” and “1984” and 2017’s “Justice League” contributing to this stigma. 

It is true, however, that some films were able to be bright spots for DC, such as 2021’s “The Suicide Squad” and 2020’s “Birds of Prey,” but it still remained true, overall, that these films were viewed as bottom-of-the-barrel content from not only myself, but a myriad of other fans as well.

Art used for the announcement of the DCU movie “Swamp Thing,” set to be directed by James Mangold. Mangold also directed “Logan,” “Ford v. Ferrari,” “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny.” Image artwork by Jason Fabok.

There may be hope, though. In the not-too-distant past DC confirmed that its head of Film and Television would be helmed by two new men who aimed to create something different and interesting for the fans.

These men would be James Gunn, director of “The Suicide Squad” and the “Guardians of the Galaxy” films, and Peter Safran, known movie producer for “The Conjuring” franchise. 

They revealed a slate of movies that seemed attention-grabbing, but there was still obvious skepticism because of DC’s long track record just previously. 

There was something special, though, that even grabbed my attention -James Gunn. An avid comic book reader and film studier, he felt like a perfect candidate for this job, and may actually deliver on the promise of a greater tomorrow for DC media as a whole. 

Pictured above is concept art for upcoming DCU & MAX show “Creature Commandos.” Image artwork by Meryl Franck.

He may even rewrite the bad name of the brand that holds such beloved characters such as Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman.

Even with this, though, people still have the right to be cautious when it comes to these films, but I implore you to see for yourself in this time of new beginnings for a grander DC universe. 

To fully grasp what may come of this new and possibly better iteration of this franchise of characters, go watch the newest film from them, “Blue Beetle,” then continue on to watch 2025’s “Superman: Legacy.”

I will be first in line, ready to see a flourishing new set of standout movies and shows alike, with high hopes for what is to come.

Featured Image (above): Pictured at the top of the article was art used for the announcement of “Superman: Legacy.” Image artwork by Frank Quitle.

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