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The Clubhouse: November

The Clubhouse

Wondering what all the school’s clubs and activities are doing? Check here monthly to get all the latest information.

Academic Decathlon (by Haily Copp)

As of late the Academic Decathlon team has been fervently preparing for their first meet of the year. It is set to take place on Tuesday November 14. They have been meeting after school multiple times a week in order to prepare. I’m sure they are filled with both nerves and excitement as the day gets closer and closer. Everybody has the opportunity to take home medals in any of the categories. Wish them luck!

Arrowhead (by Rowan Fortin)

The advanced Arrowhead students competed in the PA School Press Regional Competition at Bloomsburg University. They will find out the results in January. Arrowhead advisor, Mrs. Sandra Trick, wants students interested in joining Arrowhead to add Journalism 1 to their schedule at the end of the year.

Astronomy Club (by Brynne Cory)

The Astronomy Club plans to have a viewing night over Thanksgiving break. If students would like to get involved, they can attend any meeting or join the Google Classroom with the code iw2f6yk. The club plans to continue having one monthly meeting during flex, and one monthly viewing night.

Band (by Catherine Hittle)

Band, led by Mr. Christopher Morgan, wrapped up their annual Christmas wreath fundraiser on Nov.16. Morgan is continuing to prepare his students for the winter concert scheduled for Monday Dec. 18 at 7:00 pm. 

Battle Bots (by Blake Paulhamus)

Battle Bots will most likely not happen this year due to not having any members.

Battle of the Books (by Ryleigh McConnaughhay)

The Battle of the Books club, advised by Mrs. Linda Keiser, has little information until December. Lists will be announced at the beginning of winter break with approximately 40 books for students to read by April. If students have further questions they can contact Keiser. Students can sign up in the Library at any time.

Bible Study (by Adrianna Middendorf) 

While Mrs. Terri Hill advises Bible Study, the students are the ones who run it. Bible study is during flex at the end of the week they meet up either at the LJI or nurse’s office. The studies they do vary from reading devotions, studying topics and how those topics relate to Scripture, and reading passages from the Bible and discussing them.

Students should know that they are a non-denominational club. Everyone is invited to come and it does not matter whether you are a Christian or not; all are welcome. There goal is to help people grow in their relationship with God. It’s really chill and allows people to do homework during it as well. It is a come-when-you-can club so feel free to check out what it’s about. They love to hear others’ ideas and thoughts on different topics that they discuss but if someone wants to just show up and listen, they are glad to have them there.

SYATP is a time of prayer that happens on the fourth Wednesday of every September. Students, staff, teachers, families, and people in the community are welcome to participate worldwide in praying for their classmates, teachers, school years, families, communities, etc. 

Book Club (by Becca Teffeteller)

Book Club, led by Mrs. Linda Keiser, is a great way to relax, make new friends, read books, and get points for AR. Members meet to discuss the month’s book, enjoy snacks, and decide what to read next. Students are free to come and go any time of the year, and the book is provided upon signing up. September’s meeting about A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder by Holly Jackson had a great turnout and the students there picked The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller to read next. The meeting will be sometime in the last week of November after Thanksgiving break. There are still a couple of books left if you’re interested in signing up. Check out the library’s Google Classroom or stop by and see Mrs. Keiser for more information.

Chorus (by Catherine Hittle)

Chorus, led by Mrs. Kirstin Gist, wrapped up their annual Christmas wreath fundraiser on Nov.16. Gist is continuing to prepare her students for the winter concert which is scheduled for Monday Dec.18 at 7:00 pm. 

CON-CON (by Brynn Connelly)

Con-Con is currently having students turn in their Resolutions and the advisor, Mrs. Susan Wise, is proofreading them to get them prepared for when they have their actual Constitutional Convention on December 8. There is still time to join for any student who is interested, and all deadlines for Con-Con members have already passed.

Environmental Club (by Sydney Coburn)

Environmental Club, advised by Mr. Cody Pavlick, had elected their vice president, junior Audrey Hess, and secretary, senior Lillian Tibbens. The club has plans for composting, making pollinating gardens, and reaching out to the middle and elementary schools and possibly to the community as well. Beekeeping is still in question. There are also plans to go hiking before the weather gets too cold. Mr. Pavlick says that there is an expectation to be involved with a minimum of 5 hours, but the logistics are still flexible. There is also an expectation for members to be willing to get their hands dirty and be outdoors. Its next meeting will be early this month before Thanksgiving break, but the specific date is to be determined. 

FBLA – Future Business Leaders of America (by Tori McKenna)

FBLA, or Future Business Leaders of America, is a nationwide organization. Its mission is to inspire and prepare students to become community-minded business leaders in a global society through relevant career preparation and leadership experiences. FBLA is currently run by juniors James Mussina, Paige Boyle, and Andrew Zhu, serving as president, secretary, and treasurer, respectively. 

FBLA is having a meeting on Monday the 13th, to confirm the events they picked and to discuss the resources they need to prepare. There is no confirmed date for the regional conference, but we do know it will be held in January. Members must continue to prepare for the performance test and Objective tests. Members who are taking the objective test will be taking it in December. FBLA is currently selling Gertrude Hawk candy bars and Christmas ornaments to help prepare for regionals and states FBLA’s first event is at Penn College for Regionals. 

This year’s state project will be working with the Make-A-Wish Foundation for Special Olympics. The club is also planning to have a volleyball tournament this year!

More information is on Google Classroom as well as FBLA always welcomes new members; please contact FBLA adviser Mrs. Linda Keiser if interested in getting involved.

FFA (Future Farmers of America) (by Elyse Boyles)

 This month in FFA, there is a fruit fundraiser and planning for various trips. One will be to the Farm Show and the other to the Great Outdoor Show. For any questions, contact Mr. Ben Hepburn.

Freshman Class (by Simon Dietrich)

The Class of 2027, advised by Mrs. Stacey Dangle is planing a volleyball tournament fundraiser. Students will have to pay to participate in the tournament and have the opportunity to pay to get out of class if they want to watch. The class of 2027 may be having a 5k race later in the year, but nothing has been finalized thus far.

Game Club (by Kylie Morehart)

The game club hosted by Miss Hannah Ostrander is always welcoming new members to join in on the fun! Its in the LGI from 3:30 till 4:15 every tuesday and thursday. Things to look forward to is Monopoly and CLUE are going to be added to the many games to pick from. If any student would like to attend there is now fee and you can show up anytime.

Gender-Sexuality Alliance (by Haily Copp)

The Gender-Sexuality Alliance run by Miss Hannah Ostrander hasn’t had any meets this year. She says that not enough people have been interested so far. If anyone is interested in supporting the LGBTQ community and those in it stop by and let her know. It’s not too late to join!

International Thespian Honor Society (by Libby Cory)

International Thespian Society, advised by Mrs. Kirstin Gist, is working on their order forms for the annual calendar sale. The calendars are $10 and to purchase one see a thespian member. Members will also be setting up a display for “Selfies with Santa” at the annual music department craft fair on December 2nd. If you are interested in joining the Thespian Society a key way is to participate in theater productions.

Junior Class (by Natalie Moon) 

Currently, the class of 2025 is planning the upcoming Junior/Senior Prom. Information about the theme is currently unavailable. Powder Puff game was also rescheduled for the spring. Class of 2025 is also selling snacks. 

Key Club (by Rowan Fortin)

Key Club had the November meeting on the tenth, which included an ice cream social to help Habitat for Humanity. Soon, the members will have a Coat Drive for Daniel’s Closet. The club will also participate in the Salvation Army Bell Ringing, the Angel Tree in the library, shopping for Toys for Tots toys, Wreaths Across America, and the Caitlin Smiles Project. Key Club advisor, Mrs. Andrea Tira, would like Key Club members to check Google Classroom for future project signups, updates, and new fundraisers. She encourages students to involve themselves in the many available opportunities.

Mock Trial (by Sydney Coburn)

Mock Trial, advised by Mrs Susan Wise, has been on break for 2 weeks. Its members are preparing for the state case released on Monday that will be presented at the state competition at the University of Pittsburg, called Cathedral Classic, and at the District competition. Mock Trial has earned a $300 grant from the Lycoming Law Association Foundation to help pay for the trip to the University of Pittsburg. The Cathedral Classic will be on Jan. 6-7 and Districts will be in January or February. 

Model UN (by Mya Wilson)

There will be no updates on Model UN until January.

Mu Alpha Theta (by Adrianna Middendorf)

Mu Alpha Theta, the math honors society that is advised by Mrs.Mary Kilpatrick, is currently working to add new members and is receiving applications. Criteria to join include being a senior or junior with at least a 92-point average in math. Members should also be available to help tutor others in math. Dues are $10 to join and future plans include a Pi Day and E Day sale as well as participation in a math competition later this school year. The application for membership is currently up on the district website under Mrs.Mary on the staff directory.  Students need to apply by Tuesday 10/10.  After that, she will check the applications to see who qualifies and send those names to the national office to officially become members.  Once it gets the membership certificates back from the national office it will hold their induction ceremony. 

National Art Honor Society (by Elyse Boyle)

NAHS will make Holiday Card packs and Christmas Ornament boxes to sell in December. The Card boxes contain five cards and will be sold for $10. The Christmas Ornament boxes will contain five ornaments and be sold for $15. Members will also participate in a gingerbread-making contest. The winners will be awarded in December. Some members will be decorating Broad Street storefronts for the Holidays. For any questions, contact Mrs. Holly Fuller. 

National English Honor Society (by Ellie Reed)

National English Honors Society members can bring donations for the Jared Boxes that are planned to be made just before Thanksgiving break. Any donations that don’t fit, are to be sent to the Toys for Tots Foundation. Club members can continue to work on independent reading

National Honor Society (by Tori McKenna) 

The National Honor Society is advised by Mrs. Krista Wise and Miss Rebekah Lundy. NHS is a society intended for members who take challenging classes, receive excellent grades, have outstanding behavior, and enjoy doing service for others. NHS inducted 29 new members this month. They will be holding their November meeting 11/16/23 at 7:00 pm in the auditorium. 

Sydney Coburn and Gianna Waldman coordinated the supply drive for the SPCA for the month of October. This month we are the sponsor of the Blessing Box. Jillian Irion is chairing the project, members are to donate non-perishable food and personal hygiene items to stock the box up! National Honors Society’s future plans and focuses for the year include service regarding mental health awareness, food insecurity, school spirit, and working with younger grades in the MAHS community. If there are any questions surrounding the National Honor Society, please contact Wise or Lundy for more information. Keep in mind National Honor Society is only available for sophomores, juniors, and seniors, and is upon invitation only.

Prom Committee (by Ellie Reed)

There are no further updates regarding the Prom Committee. If you have any questions, contact Junior class Advisors Miss Emily Sweeney, and Mrs. Jennie Crawford.

Rho Kappa (Social Studies Honor Society) (by Kylie Morehart) 

Rho Kappa members are getting involved to support our veterans. They will be selling army men on flex days November through December to raise money for Wreaths of America. November 10th members are helping with the assembly held at the high school for the veterans. November 11th  they have a member speaking the the ceremony held at the Montoursville Cemetery. Remember members, keep up your grades and stay on top of your serves hours. If there are any questions you can email Miss Dangle.

Science National Honor Society (by Audrian Kessler)

A few Science National Honor Society members are going to McCall on Friday to start their mentorship, helping student’s with the science fair. Club advisers, Mrs. Hannah Ostrander and Miss. Amanda Walter, encourage all events in science. The club members are going to continue their mentorship after Thanksgiving break.

Senior Class (by Libby Cory)

Senior class, advised by Mrs. Cindy Wentzler, are selling “Warrior Strong for Wallace” wristbands to raise money for the Wallace family. Once the new year starts, the Senior class will start making committees to plan for Class day and a fun day. Anyone who would like to participate should listen for announcements and come to the meetings that will be held during flex.

Ski Club (by Audrina Kessler)

Ski club adviser, Mrs. Linda Keiser, is collecting money for Montage Mountains. The money is due by November 28th. The club had a meeting about Killington, Vt. and they need 8 more members to attend to be able to go on the trip, March 1-3. The club members have options for Montage Mountains and Ski Sawmill. If students have any questions, stop in the library and ask Mrs.Keiser.

Social Science Seminar (by Simon Dietrich) 

The Social Science Seminar, advised by Mr. Richard DeLong has yet to meet this year. They plan to meet in December. If you have any questions about the Social Science Seminar, please email Mr. DeLong.

Sophomore Class (by Brynne Cory)

The Sophomore class has taken over the donut sales from the junior class. They are on sale for $2 every Friday. They are looking to get some ideas for Prom next year, and ideas for a venue in the next Prom committee meeting. If students are interested in getting involved they can go see the club advisors Miss Megan Daily, or Miss Olivia Overdorf.

Spanish Club (by Ryleigh McConnaughhay)

Spanish Club, advised by Mrs. Tammy Morgan, the next meetings will be on Dec. 19 and Jan. 5th in the cafeteria during flex. They celebrated the Day of the Dead for November’s club meeting by eating cookies and doing a Day of the Dead theme coloring contest. 

Spanish Honor Soc. – Andres Iduarte Chapter (by Blake Paulhamus)

Spanish Honors Society, advised by Mrs. Andrea Tira, is on a current delayed start this year for trying to help out classes while Mr. Mazzante is out. It will be having a meeting after Thanksgiving to induct new members and officers for this school year.

Student Government (by Becca Teffeteller)

Student Government, advised by Mr. Rich Delong, has been recently hosting a canned food drive for the Central PA Food Bank. Anyone interested in participating can bring in canned food or any other nonperishable items to Mr.Delong’s room up until Nov. 17. The donations will be taken to the food bank on Nov. 20.  

Looking ahead, Student Government is planning the Teddy Bear Toss on the Dec. 14 basketball game. Anyone who brings in a toy or stuffed animal can get in free to the game and participate in the Teddy Bear Toss during halftime. The toys collected with be donated to Toys for Tots. In addition to the game, a donation box is in the office dedicated to Toys for Tots and will be available for toy donations until Dec. 14. 

Students can also look forward to the first-ever holiday dance Student Government is hosting. The dress code is relaxed and the dance is only open to Montoursville High School students. 

Theatre Arts (by Natalie Moon)

In the spring, Theater Arts plans to do the musical, Freaky Friday. The show dates are 3/22-3/24/2024. Auditions are being held Tuesday November 14th and Thursday November 16th at 6 pm in the Choir room. You can get a information packet in the Choir room also

Warrior Custom Cut Club  (by Mya Wilson)

There are no new updates, if you have any questions you should see Mr. Woolever.

Yearbook, a.k.a. The ’Sock Staff (by Brynn Connelly)

Yearbook Committee is still working on fall sports and events. They developed their them called “Give It Your Best Shot!” with an artistic look that gives a nod to comic books. No other updates have been given on Yearbook Committee.


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