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Celebrating Homecoming

After a full season of football, the Homecoming game was definitely one of the nights to remember, full of enthusiasm and excitement from all parties involved in the celebrations. On Oct. 13, the Montoursville football team played their annual Homecoming game against Jersey Shore.

The game had quite the turnout from the local Montoursville fans, Jersey Shore fans, and the students for both schools. School spirit was in the air under the Friday night lights.

Lily Fortin, a junior at Montoursville, said, “I think the student section are proud leaders of the football games, especially when we are winning because it adds more excitement to the game,” when asked how she feels about the student section leading the crowd. Fortin went on to say, “Even though we were losing, it was still hype because the queen and princess were being announced but then it kind of died down.” 

Montoursville’s marching band plays some stand tunes the morning of the Homecoming game to get everyone in the spirit. Also pictured in the photo are some former band alumni who joined in for the fun. Photo provided by the Montoursville Music Department Facebook page.

To kick off the morning of the game, the marching band had a mini pep rally on the landing at the top of the main high school staircase to get all of the students, players, and cheerleaders excited for the game later that evening. Fortin commented on the rally saying, “I loved it! It was very loud and it woke me up in the morning!”

Junior flutist Carson Palhamus commented on his Homecoming Week experience as a band student saying, “Since it’s Homecoming week, we get a lot more recognition in the parade and the pep rally than we would on a regular week.”

Audrey Hess, a junior cheerleader, also helped the flag girls, kindergarten and first-grade cheerleaders, during the Homecoming parade. She said, “It was really fun and I liked seeing the little kids all come together for the parade.”

Some sophomores from Montoursville ride along in their class float, which was Toy Story-themed this year, during the annual Homecoming parade. Pictured above are sophomores Sidney Boyle, Hannah Means, and Paige Boyle respectively, from left to right. Photo by Steve Bagwell.

Fortin also participated in the Homecoming parade. “I helped with the Class of 2025 float and I was Mr. Potato Head,” she said. “It took like 48 hours because there was a lot of work to do. And yes! The community loves the parade and the kids love the candy! Thank you, Miss Sweeney and Mrs. Crawford,” when asked if she thinks the community enjoys the parade.

Naomi Alexander, the band’s junior drum major, also got to participate in the parade this year. She said, “My favorite part of the parade was getting to play the songs because I got to play Avengers when I usually have to conduct it!”

Alexander also said, when asked if she felt the community enjoyed the parade, “I think they love it! I think all the little kids thrive off of the music and the cheerleaders dancing behind us!”

At the game, the cheerleaders had their alumni join them for this Homecoming game.  Hess talked about this saying, “My step-mom is an alumni and it was really fun and it’s crazy but it’s very fun to do each year because I want to come back for alumni,” when asked how it was getting to cheer with the alumni. 

The band also got to perform during halftime instead of their usual performance during the pregame. “I like to play pregame more because I think playing during halftime, we feel very rushed because of having a set amount of time to fit it into, but it was still just as fun!” said Alexander when asked if she enjoyed the halftime show more than the pregame show. 

Palhamus also commented on this saying, “I enjoy halftime more because more people are there to watch us and it feels like the fans care more to hear us play.”

The student section was roaring with cheers while the Bulldogs and Warriors battled it out on the field. “Our student section was a lot bigger and more hype because they want to see who will win!” said Hess when asked if Homecoming brings out the excitement in the students. 

An empowering, closing remark from senior linebacker and tight end Evan Bloom; “In the end, we took a step forward as a team instead of a step back again, so that’s the biggest takeaway from the night.”

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