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DAYS/DATES:   TUESDAY, JUNE 14TH;     WEDNESDAY, JUNE 15TH;  and     THURSDAY, JUNE 16TH –             

TIMES:                  7:30 AM – 4:00 PM

**  If you need to drop off earlier or later in the day, please call Gina Uvari at (570) 368-3502.   




If you have any questions, please contact Gina Uvari, Warrior Online Learning , call 570-368-3502.

What is Warrior Online Learning?

Warrior Online Learning (WOL) provides a cyber education option for students in Montoursville  Area School District.  WOL allows K-12 students to earn credits and a diploma from Montoursville Area School District. MASD is partnering with an experienced curriculum program to provide a quality online education for K-12 students.   WOL is a fully cyber education, designed to meet the needs of MASD families who want an online option.  Click Here for brochure. 

Where can I learn how to use the WOL learning management system? 

Training Videos are now available on YouTube.  Click HERE to access our Warrior Online Training videos. 

What if the district needs to have all students go to a remote learning environment at some point this year?  Is WOL what my children will be doing, if they were in a traditional classroom in MASD?

No, if MASD needs students to do remote learning, students who are in a traditional classroom will continue with their MASD teacher, using Google Classroom and the district-provided Chromebooks.  Warrior Online Learning is for those who want a cyber learning option.  

How much does WOL cost?

WOL is tuition free for all families residing in Montoursville Area School District. 

How does enrollment in WOL work?

First, complete the online Enrollment Form.  Then, we will contact you to complete the registration process to personalize a plan that is right for your child(ren).    

If I have more than one child, do I need to complete more than one enrollment form online? 

Yes, please.  We want to be able to personalize the WOL experience for each child, and separate enrollment forms will help us begin that process.

What types of courses are available through Warrior Online Learning?

WOL offers a variety of engaging and PA standards-based core courses and numerous electives.  Our course list can be viewed HERE.  

High School: Credit recovery, non-college prep, college prep, honors, and numerous electives including career-oriented courses. All courses are NCAA approved.

Middle School: Regular and advanced level coursework.

Elementary: K-5 coursework and specials.​  K-5 students are given workbooks, in addition to the online curriculum. 

How many courses will my child be taking? 


4 core courses, health/PE, & one special

Middle School:

5th/6th Grade – Students will take 4 core classes, health/PE &  one elective

7th/8th Grade –  Students will take 4 core classes, health/PE, & 3 electives

High School: 

Full-time students are expected to take a minimum of 6.5 credits, aligned with the MAHS graduation requirements.   

What will the typical school day look like for WOL students?

The Learning Management System (LMS) and course materials are available 24/7; however, it is up to the family to devise a schedule that works best for their needs.  K-5 students have additional live lessons, and the teacher will contact the families to set up a schedule which works best.  Live sessions are recorded to allow for scheduling flexibility.  For 7th-12th grade students, most courses are asynchronous (at the student’s own pace), but teachers are available for help.  College Prep/Honors courses require conversations with teachers, which are scheduled on a regular basis.  A weekly To-Do List helps to keep students on track. 

K-5 students are expected to work 5 hours a day — a combination of online and offline work.   6th-12th students are expected to work at least 5.5 hours a day  — a combination of online and offline work.  Need to be logged into WOL/Buzz system 4 hours a day to count as a complete day.   Teachers will evaluate students’ progress and recommend additional rigor or courses if need be.  

Is there a deadline to enroll?

We completely understand the uncertainty of these ever-changing times!  Because of that, we will have a fairly flexible enrollment process, focused on what is best for the student.  After you complete the enrollment request form, a guidance counselor will contact you to create a schedule for your child and to provide an orientation to the system. 

Please Note: If your child has an IEP, we will need to have an IEP team discussion prior to starting online learning, so that we are sure your child’s needs can be met in an online environment.

Who are the online teachers?

All teachers are PA-certified and experienced in virtual learning.  MASD is partnering with an experienced online curriculum program to provide a quality online option for students.   Gina Uvari will serve as the point of contact for students and families enrolled.   

When does the school year start for WOL?  

Warrior Online Learning will follow the same academic year schedule as MASD.  The board-approved calendar can be found HERE.  The first day of school is August 30, 2021. 

What technology resources will be provided?

Students in grades 2 – 12 will be given a Chromebook and Kindergarten – 1st will be given an IPad to use for their coursework.  Pick up for these devices will be on AUGUST 26TH AND AUGUST 27TH AT THE DISTRICT OFFICE – 50 NORTH ARCH STREET. Families will also be given an Internet reimbursement of $150 at the end of each semester  (2 marking periods) of active online participation and academic progress.  Required documentation for Internet reimbursement must be submitted.  

Tech support will be provided during regular school hours.  

Is there an attendance requirement for Warrior Online Learning?

Yes, just like in the traditional school setting, WOL students are required to comply with PA compulsory attendance laws and MASD Board Policy 204.  Attendance is a combination of logging in AND making progress in courses.  Guidance counselors will monitor WOL students’ progress and grades.  

Students who are not in attendance will be marked absent and an excuse for the student’s absence is expected to be submitted to the district. Truancy procedures will be followed for students who do not meet the district’s attendance policy and the student may be removed from Warrior Online Learning.

Do Warrior Online Learning students take state assessments  (PSSAs or Keystone exams)?

Yes, WOL students are required to take the appropriate state assessments for their grade/course level.  WOL students will report to designated MASD school buildings for those tests.  

Can my child participate in MASD athletics and extracurricular activities?

Warrior Online Learning students have access to all athletic and extracurricular activities provided by MASD.  All MASD students are required to remain academically eligible, according to PIAA and any other organization that oversees the activities in order to participate.  WOL students are welcome to participate in on-site clubs and activities; however, transportation will not be provided by the district.  When considering coming on the campus of any school, the student must comply with the Health & Safety Plan of the district fully.  

What happens if we decide that online learning is not right for our child(ren)?  Can we switch back to the traditional classroom?

Yes.  While WOL courses are aligned to PA standards, they may not exactly match the sequence of the MASD classroom.  Therefore, a team including  the student, parents, MASD teacher(s), building principal, WOL coordinator, and any other relevant staff members will meet prior to transitioning back to the traditional classroom.  The team will discuss the student’s current progress and determine the best plan for transition.  

Will my child receive a Montoursville diploma?

Yes, upon successful completion of all MASD graduation requirements.  


If you have any questions, please contact Gina Uvari, Warrior Online Learning , call 570-368-3502.