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Boys’ soccer team defeats Lancers after loss last season

Last year, on Oct. 10, 2022, the boys soccer team was defeated by their Loyalsock rivals. This year, however, the Warriors crushed their opponents, defeating them 2-1 on Oct. 9 during their 2023 season.

When asked how it felt to get the win, junior Mason Morrow said, “It feels good that we came together as a whole and beat Loyalsock since they beat us last year.”

Sophomore Quinn Winslow said it felt great, especially after what happened last season. 

“It is such a good feeling. Not only [are they] our rivals, we came back from a 0-1 lead and still beat them,” said senior Dylan Muise. 

“The best part was the feeling of scoring the winner after being down by one so late in the game,” said Winslow.

Morrow said the best part about defeating Loyalsock was that the Lancers had beaten them 2-1 last season, but this year the Warriors came back and beat them 2-1. 

The team had some fundamental goals entering the 2023 season.

Winslow said one of their goals was to improve on their record from last year.

Senior Dylan Muise poses with his family on senior night.  Senior night was held for the boys’ soccer team on Oct. 7 on Montoursville’s home turf. Photo provided by Mayor Steve Bagwell.

“My main team goal for this season is to come together not only as a team, but as a family, and work together to win as many games as possible,” said Muise.

As the team wraps up their regular season games, the team has many goals entering the postseason.

“Our goal is to go further than last year, hopefully winning a few games,” said Winslow.

Muise said, “Into the postseason I hope the team can keep striving to be great.”

Morrow said his goal is “To let in the least amount of balls and try to work on being aggressive more when the ball is in the box.”

The team does think they could make some improvements before stepping on the field again for their first postseason game.

“I think we can improve on many little things,” said Muise. “Tweaks here and there. Also finishing in the back of the net.”

Morrow thinks the team could improve on finishing the ball in front of the goal.

Winslow also thinks they could try to score more goals during their postseason. 

Along with team goals, each player also sets individual goals for themselves. Winslow said his goal is “To play the best I can to benefit the team.”

This team succeeds at many things on the field, and each player has different opinions on what the team’s strengths are, many mentioning their defensive line.

“Our defense has played very well, and we don’t let many goals in,” said Winslow.

 “I think we have a well-developed defensive line,” Morrow said. Meanwhile, Muise said, “I think we succeed at working together when we need to and not letting our heads get down when we are losing.”

Mental preparation is crucial for every player. However, this can look different for every member of the team.

“I usually make sure I am well stretched and make myself as calm as possible so I do not make stupid decisions in (the) game,” said Muise.

“I listen to music and talk to my teammates,” said Winslow.

Morrow said, “I just listen to my music in my headphones.”

One of the most valuable parts of high school sports is the memories made during the season.

“My favorite memory was just being with the team and all the bus rides, and everything that came out of coach Hawley’s mouth,” said Muise.

Morrow said his favorite memory would probably be beating Midd-West two years in a row.

“My favorite memory is scoring the winning goal against Loyalsock,” Winslow said. 

Not to mention, all of the players looked forward to different things starting off their season this year.

“I was most looking forward to just having a good time and playing the game I love with my soccer family,” said Muise.

“I was looking forward to playing my favorite sport with my friends,” said Winslow.

Senior Sean Ravert poses with his family on senior night. Also in the back of the photo is Ravert’s drum teacher and mentor Mike Wrench. Photo provided by Mayor Steve Bagwell.

As the team’s starting goalkeeper for the Warriors this year, Morrow played an important part in the victory against Loyalsock.

“I don’t think that I carried the team, it was really just a team effort,” said Morrow. “It feels good to know that we can work together and win some games.”

As one of the nine seniors on the Warriors roster this year, Muise said, “Being a senior is a strange feeling. Now in the playoffs, not knowing when my last game will be, it is a happy and sad feeling. My goal was to be the (best) place player and person for myself and my team that I could be.”


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