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Celebrating Homecoming with dance dress up days

On Oct. 8, MAHS had its homecoming dance which lasted from seven-ten pm. Throughout the week of homecoming, the court had dress-up days that lasted from Sept. 30-0ct 7. 

“My favorite part of the homecoming dance was dancing on the dance floor with my friends on the dance floor and hanging out with them,” said junior Marissa Holland.

The dance is something that the students enjoy and it gives them time to be themselves and have fun. It also lets them let loose and relax.

“I enjoyed hanging out with my friends and dancing with them on the dance floor,” said freshman Logan Reese.

Students enjoyed hanging out with their friends and talking to other students that they don’t usually get to talk to throughout the school day.

“My favorite song that they played was ‘Mr. Brightside,’” said Holland.

Students could show off their dance moves on the dance floor and listen to songs they liked.              

Students slow-danced to songs with their dates or their friends.

“I like the extra time added to the dance,” said Predmore. “My favorite song was ‘No Hands.’”

“I like the extra time added to the dance,” said sophomore Alan Predmore. “My favorite song was ‘no hands.”

The homecoming court had dress-up days throughout the week. Some were funny, some were comfy, and others were normal. They consisted of: dressing up as senior citizens, 80s theme, the outsiders, country vs. country club, color day, pj day, twin day, jersey day, Twister day, and finally blue and gold for the homecoming game.

Most students, like Predmore, liked the country vs country club dress-up day. 



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