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Seniors Take Over the Announcements

As we approach the end of the school year, some exciting things are starting to happen that we were not able to do in the beginning of the year.

For the majority of the year, Principal Daniel Taormina did the morning and afternoon announcements, but for the 4th marking period, Seniors are allowed to sign up on the google classroom to do the morning, FLEX, and afternoon announcements for a week with a friend. 

When doing the announcements, you have to dial the right number for the PA system, read off the announcements, speak very loudly and strongly into the phone for the intercom, and find some way to make announcements fun. 

To kick this new activity off, Seniors Alex LeCrone and Joey Watkins are hosting the announcements. 

 “Every year for as long as I can remember, a pair of seniors have done the morning announcements. At the beginning of the year everything was so chaotic that figuring out announcements wasn’t a priority,” said LeCrone. “With school spirit and participation being at an all-time low, seniors need to have a chance to do something special.”

“I wanted to do the announcements because it sounded like something fun to do with friends,” said Watkins. 

 When seniors are chosen they have to come up with something to make the announcements more interesting for students to listen to. 

In past years students have done weather reports, lost and found items of the day, play a song over the intercom and anything else students could come up with to make the announcements fun. 

LeCrone and Watkins have decided to add their own touch, they share corny jokes as they switch over from each other, but they also started to do a lost and found item of the day in the morning and a joke in the afternoon. 

There are many perks to doing the announcements. “It makes me feel like I have a voice in the school,” said Watkins. 

“I love telling my corny jokes with the transition over to Joey,” said LeCrone. 

Students do appreciate having seniors do the announcements again rather than Taormina. 

“With seniors doing the announcements it makes it more interesting,” said junior Lily Saul “It lightens the mood up for the day rather than just hearing Mr. T talk.” 

Both Watkins and LeCrone agree that other seniors should sign up to do the announcements for a week. 

“It makes for an interesting week,” said LeCrone. 

“It’s a nice senior experience that we get to do this year and I feel like we all should take advantage of it,” said Watkins.

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