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Windows Down Radio Up

I used to think that Summer was my favorite season, but I am really starting to fall in love with the beauty of Spring. After the long, hard winter we had this previous season, there is nothing better than a Spring day.

There are so many beneficial factors to being outside and truly enjoying the sunshine. My absolute favorite thing in the world is leaving school at three in the afternoon with my windows down and my radio up. The energy in the air when students leave school on a nice day is something like no other.

This year has been exceptionally hard all things considered, and we all need the sunshine right now. I promise you, the next time you leave the building on a sunny day, take a moment to truly soak in the atmosphere. Most, if not everyone is smiling and talking about their plans for the afternoon. It really is something that you want to notice.

For a while during the winter I was working five to six days a week, but in the last few weeks I changed my availability to only work three days a week. It was the absolute best decision I made for myself. I am still working but I also get to enjoy Spring and my final months in High School.

I get to go to the Spring sporting events and cheer on my friends while also spending time with friends there. The positivity at these events is something I never really got to experience but just in the last few weeks I have made countless memories and had more fun than I thought possible.

I get to go on after school walks with my mom, which as silly as that sounds is my all time favorite thing in the world. Soon I will leave for college and those short 30 minute walks will not be an opportunity anymore. Go for a walk with someone who matters to you. 

Just last week I sat in the school parking lot for an hour after school ended just talking with a huge group of friends. The weather was amazing and we were killing time before the softball game started. 

I encourage every single student, teacher, parent and anyone else to enjoy this Spring while it is here. We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful area, there are countless places to go hiking or vistas to drive to. There is so much beauty out there and it really does do something for your mental health.

Spring is now my favorite season and I surely hope you also get to say you are making the very most out of this season!

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