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Enjoy The Time You Have

This weekend, I had my last in-house rehearsal for what could very well be my last performance, and I didn’t even realize until it was the end of the night and we were tearing down all of our equipment. 

Isn’t this just how high school goes? We push and push like we’re in a marathon, and we don’t even realize we’ve finished until we’re crossing the finish line. 

This year has been, in one word, wild. There were days that felt like months, but now looking back on it all, it seems like it could have only been minutes.

Not only has it gone by so quickly, but I’m finally starting to realize how soon the future will be here; something that I’m sure a lot of seniors are coming to terms with as we scramble to commit to colleges and do housing applications and start choosing our courses for next year. 

But now, we’re in the fourth nine weeks. We have prom in less than three weeks. We graduate in less than two months. Some of us are moving hours or even states away in less than half a year. And we just continue to keep pushing towards the next thing. 

Slow down. 

Take your foot off the gas pedal and take in what’s happening around you. We live so much of our lives just going, going, and going, but we never just enjoy the moments we are gifted with. 

I couldn’t tell you how much of high school I have forgotten about because there were more “important” and more stressful things happening at the same time. 

Every single day has a moment for you to find good in. Every single moment is one you can try to remember, for worse or for better. 

You never realize how much time you had, how many opportunities you were given, all of the good things you were granted, until it’s taken away. 

I challenge you all to appreciate your friends, your teachers, your school, your extracurriculars, and everything you can find to love about the world we are living in. It may be a wild time, but there’s always something to be grateful for. 


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