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Starting with Tennis

It may not be as popular as Football or Basketball, but the start of Tennis season has started as the boys have begun practicing and preparing for their matches.

Some people may think that both girls and boys Tennis play at the same time, but girls Tennis is actually in the Fall while boys are in the spring along with Track and Field, Baseball, and Softball. 

Juniors Dan Kutay and Noah Huffman are excited to start a new season after last year was canceled by the uprising of COVID-19, Dan playing for 3 years, and Noah on his first season of Tennis. 

“It is a really fun sport and it’s not physically taxing like soccer or football, and you can have more fun,” Kutay said, talking about why he plays Tennis, and why other boys should join.

When asked why other people should join the Tennis team, Huffman said, “I’d tell them about the good times we have at practice. I definitely do enjoy it even though I’ve only had a couple of weeks of practice.”

Even though it is early in the season, both Kutay and Huffman have goals to make their Tennis seasons even better than before. 

Huffman said, “to make top 15 in the team rankings is a good goal.” While Kutay said, “making travel team this year or next.” 

Due to the fact that Tennis is played and practiced outside, there is enough room to socially distance on the court. So the only thing that really changed due to the Coronavirus, is the fact that players have to wear masks inside the clubhouse. Huffman mentioned that wearing masks inside was the only major change, while everything else was pretty normal with the guidelines established by the PIAA. 

With schools around Montoursville shutting down because of cases climbing every day, each sports season is taken in day by day, knowing whether the next match or practice is canceled is sometimes given to the players a couple of hours to a day beforehand. 

Because of the small court sizes and not a lot of room for bystanders to socially distance themselves and watch, neither players are sure if anyone can come and watch them compete, but more information should be given out soon.

Doubles One team, juniors Dalton Alexander and Grayson Simms, plays against Hughesville’s Doubles One in their first match of the season. Alexander and Simms won their best-of-three-sets match.
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