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Winter Activities

Well winter is here and the snow is falling, so what are you supposed to do this time of year? Make snow angels or snowmen, throw snowballs at your younger siblings and go sledding.

There’s a bunch of things to do when it’s cold out even if it’s just staying in and not going out. You can watch a movie and turn on the fireplace with a nice cup of hot chocolate. 

A lot of our students go skiing together during this time of year. During this time of year and being our age, we all stay in and lay in bed just to sit on our phones. 

It’s hard to do things during the winter when we have off or when we’re on break due to COVID still being around. Most students have been skiing and snowboarding and they enjoy it a lot. 

The other majority of students have just been watching movies and relaxing by drinking hot chocolate or just simply reading a book by the fireplace. 

Honestly, the cold takes a toll on a lot of things because people don’t want to be outside, so an inside activity that is still fun is to play board games or you could listen to music and spend time with family that you can, and if you get really bored, you can do school work. 

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