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Notable News

The John Dorin Municipal Building houses our Montoursville Borough Police and is also known as the township building. When anything in the borough goes wrong the Montoursville Police get there as fast as possible. They are always quick to help out whether there is a crime or an old person needing help crossing the road.
The Williamsport Divine Providence Hospital is one of the prominent locations of where we get our news from. When accidents occur and someone gets hurt this is where they come.
This is the Montoursville Post office. However, we don’t necessarily get our news from here but we learn about what is going on in the city around us as the United States Post Office delivers our mail which includes newspapers.



The Pennsylvania State Police Barracks has a branch in downtown Montoursville. The State Police are also always there when needed. They have many aspects in keeping Pennsylvania safe and have a large presence in Montoursville.
The Montoursville Area High school was updated recently with new renovations in 2017. The Arrowhead gets the news we write about here. The Arrowhead also is the official school newspaper of Montoursville Area High School.
C.E McCall Middle School was also recently renovated. The middle school renovated the cafeteria and the library. Even though we don’t really get our news from this school it is still really important in Montoursville as students get prepared to move to the High School for their final years.
This is the Loyalsock Valley Elementary school. The school has not been recently renovated however there has been talk about either combining both Elementary Schools or renovating this one. You might wonder why the school is named Loyalsock Valley; that is because it is along the Loyalsock Creek.
Lyter Elementary is the other one of the elementary schools we have in the district. Lyter elementary is for the kids who live in town, whereas Loyalsock Valley is for the ids who live out of town.
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