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NAHS Renewed


National Art Honors Society or NAHS is one of the many clubs offered at this school and one that has just gotten a little bigger.

NAHS has been overseen by Ms. Vanessa Lechler, painting and drawing teacher, for the past eight years and on Wednesday March 3, 2021 she added some new members to her club.

During their initiation meeting, they handed out certificates and skittles. There were also many different colored candles, including seven overall, two of which were red. The skittles and candle colors were both something special and more than just candles and candy because each color symbolizes a different aspect of creativity. 

Red is for the passion to create art. Orange is to welcome new ideas and try new things. Yellow is to keep calm and persist when a project isn’t turning out the way you planned. Green is for creating harmony within the elements of art. Blue is to  keep true to your artistic vision. Purple is for finding purpose and clarity.

Despite having an advisor, the club is mostly student run. The Honors Society members vote on their officers and they decide what happens with the club and here it goes. 

This year’s board of officers includes President Izzy Taylor, Vice President Julia Rakestraw, Treasurer Shelby Beltz and Secretary Alex LeCrone and Lechler said that they “manage everything”. The officers make newsletters, notify people about hours and meetings and come up with some amazing ideas for the NAHS.

The officers have started to use online resources for their club using them to keep track of hours and attendance for meetings. 

In NAHS, you are required to do ten service hours and attend at least three meetings per year. Service hours can be filled by personal projects or by adding to the mural for Indian Park which is “very independent [and ensures that you are] still able to get hours.” 

If NAHS sounds like a fun club for you stop by Lechler’s room on the first floor by the cafeteria.

These new members are waiting for their certificates.
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