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It is okay to quit

Imagine doing something for the majority of your life thus far and deciding to call it quits. Imagine doing something for eight years 3-6 times a week, year round and quitting with only three months left. That is exactly what I did, I quit my senior year of cheerleading with only a few months left to go and I am going to tell you exactly why. 

I did cheerleading since the summer going into 5th grade. I was the “new” girl on the squad even though I was always a student at Montoursville – all the other girls on the squad had been cheering together since kindergarten. That was okay with me. I was always interested in making new friends and trying new things. 

I tried dance, softball, soccer and basketball and was never really good at anything. I was never really any good at cheerleading either but I liked to watch sports and cheer people on to make them happy. 

After my first year of cheering for “A squad” football and competing, I knew that cheerleading was what I wanted to spend my free time doing although I was only ten at the time. 

Going through junior high was a blast and I enjoyed every second of it. I had made so many friends and my coach was like a second mother to me. 

High school hit and although the workload of school, clubs and actually working was a lot at times my favorite thing was after school practices and ultimately football season. I truly think I met some of my life long friends through the program and for that I will forever be grateful.

Senior year was a year like no other. A senior year during the middle of a pandemic. A senior year where you do not get to sit close to your friends at lunch or go to sporting events or have a homecoming dance. A year filled with so many things that did not happen and although I could go on and on you cannot change what has happened and you must deal with the cards dealt to you. 

One thing that senior year did bring to me is an inexplicable amount of anxiety and although that is hard for me to publicly announce, I think many can agree. 

One thing that was no longer fun and exciting and the good after a long day was cheerleading. It was taking a major toll on my mental health and starting to change the way I looked at life – I was starting to just go through the motions of life without truly living. 

I was no longer giving my all at practices or trying my hardest to get all the girls to bond the way we used to. So, I did what was best for me. I quit. It was a tough decision to make, but I can truly say that I have no regrets making this decision. 

Life is too short to be doing things you do not love and that simply are not fun for you anymore. It is okay to make difficult choices and change your lifestyle if that is what is right for you. It is not okay to stay in situations that you are not happy with. It is your life and it is completely up to how you live it. 

For me, cheerleading was something that I will forever cherish, I had an amazing coach for six years, made friends that will last a lifetime and learned so many valuable life lessons. But it was time to let go and move on and I think anyone can respect tough decisions such as these. 

With all of that being said, sometimes, it is okay to quit. 


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