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McCall Middle School Counseling

At the Middle School, the Counselors work most closely with 2 grades.  On odd graduation years, Mr. Gemberling works with grades 6 and 8.  On even graduation years, he will work with grades 5 and 7.  For Mrs. Logue, it is the exact opposite.  We do this because it allows us to follow the same class/students during their progression through the grades.  We feel it allows us to get to know the kids well, which translates into our students feeling more accepted and confident.


Chris Gemberling
570-368-2441 ext. 4031

Mary Beth Logue
570-368-2441 ext. 4032

Fax 570-368-3521

Confidentiality and School Counselors

Student confidentiality is important to us and, as school counselors, we follow all professional standards as well as federal and state laws. All information shared is confidential except in the instances of the suspicion of abuse or neglect, harm or threats to harm self or others, and any court order or other legal proceedings.  These exceptions to confidentiality are required by law.