Small Group Counseling

Mrs. Weiler runs many small groups to help support students on what ever issue or problem they may be facing. Small groups meet 1 time a week for 30 mins. over an 8 week duration. They are scheduled to meet during a time when very little academic instruction is missed. Parent permission is required for a student to be included in a small group. Topics on which groups are offered include:

Banana Splits – this is a group for students who may have parents going through a separation, divorece or who are experiencing a change in their family.

Cool Cats – this is a group for kids who need to learn tips for “chilling down” their tempers.

Stress Busters – This is a group designed to help students identify and deal positively with stressors in their lives.

Self Control – Designed for students who sometimes act inpulsively, are off task and need skills to be more successful learners, this group is tons of fun! Students are actually given a REMOTE CONTROL for SELF CONTROL for their brains and their bodies!

READY, SET, SUCCESS – this is a group to help students learn skills to CHANGE their behaviors so that they will be more successful learners. Skills taught include: organization, focus, attention, getting homework and classwork completed.