K-4 Classroom Lessons

Giving kids the TIPS & TOOLS they’ll need to SUCCEED!

Listed below are the “life-skills” or “tools” your child will learn during classroom lessons conducted throughout their K-4 school experience. Because I believe in making learning fun and enjoyable, music and movement is integrated into many of my lessons. Watch for flyers explaining the many skills and “tools”  your child has already / will continue to add to their “tool belt” when they visit me throughout the year!

K-ten – Social skills

  • Let’s learn the school RULES!
  • Let’s learn some GOOD MANNERS!
  • Let’s learn the skills to being GOOD LISTENERS!
  • Let’s learn how to COOPERATE and GET ALONG with others!

1st Grade – Conflict resolution (i.e. solving conflicts peacefully)

  • Lets define “conflict.”
  • Let’s learn Uncle Al’s Secret Formula to help us solve conflicts peacefully.
    • AGREE (to solve the conflict),  LISTEN (to each other’s side of the story), make a PLAN to SOLVE the conflict.
  • Let’s celebrate becoming PEACEMAKERS!

2nd Grade – Coping with feelings

  • Let’s define “comfortable” and “uncomfortable” feelings.
  • Let’s learn to COPE in thumbs up ways with things we can’t control or change.
  • Let’s learn to think positively when times are hard.

3rd Grade – Bullying

  • Three qualities BULLIES possess. (i.e. Power, verbal or physical harm to others, repeated over time)
  • Learning the characteristics of VICTIMS.
  • Learning BULLY-BUSTER strategies.

4th Grade – Careers Awareness

  • Let’s define CAREER.
  • Let’s INTERVIEW someone with a career!
  • Let’s learn about our own strengths, interests and talents.
  • Let’s DREAM BIG about what career we might want to pursue some day.