FBLA Advances 15 to States

The FBLA Regional Conference was held at Penn College on Tuesday, January 2, 2018 and our students at MAHS did an excellent job representing us.  We have 15 members advancing to the state level of competition in Hershey, PA.

Wyatt Nettling(’19) placed 2nd in the region in Accounting I

Jake Shaffer(’19) placed 1st in the region in Accounting I

Emma Cihanowyz(’19) placed 1st in Client Services

Katie See(’19), Braden Cott(’19), and Isaac Barrett(’19) placed 1st in Management Decision Making

Daniel Rogers(’19), Kurtis Johnson(’19), and Gabe Phillips(’19) placed 1st in Banking and Financial Systems

Lillian Stutzman(’18) and Kaylie Schans(’18) placed 2nd in Emerging Business Issues

Koby Bischoff(’20) placed 3rd in Introduction to Business

Travis Johnson(’20) placed 2nd in Introduction to Business

Katie Plankenhorn(’18) placed 4th in Health Care Administration

Tyler Bolton(’18) placed 3rd in Journalism

Some other members did a great job but are not eligible to advance to states are:

Zac Caseman(’19), Wyatt Dewald(’19), and Sam Barrett(’19) placed 3rd in Sports and Entertainment Management

Tearra Brezan(’18) placed 5th in Hospitality Management

Congratulations and good luck to those advancing!