HS Library Careers and College Planning

Steps to Career Research

____1. Bridges Choices Planner— Online database. See librarian for password.
Take an interest quiz. Search jobs with typical work day, interview videos,
student blogs, career finder, high school courses, and more. Create a
portfolio so you can keep an ongoing record of your search.

____2. Occupational Outlook Handbook–Online database with careers.
from the US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics.
(Citation at end of article.)
____3. Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center –Online database with careers.
(Citation at end of article.) See librarian for password.

____4. Career Books–Reference and regular–All with a yellow stripe on spine.
Use online catalog for book and web links.
Regular books– three week sign-outs. Reference books–overnight.
____5. Interviews and job shadowing
-Remember to take a list of interview questions with you.
You may also sign out a micro cassette recorder for exact quotes.
-If you have to fax an interview, the library fax/phone is 368-3543.

Citation examples:

Taormina, Dan. Personal interview. 10 October 2013.
Ritter, Julie. Telephone interview. 4 January 2013.

*If you cannot schedule a live interview, you can find online interviews at Bridges Choices Planner

_____6. Web Sites–see listing below

_____7. Use www.easybib.com to format your “Works Cited.”

Career Web Sites




Career InfoNet

College Board Career Info