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Office Location: High School

Hours: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Phone: 570-368-2611


J.C. Keefer

Photo of J.C. Keefer

Coach Keefer is a high school graduate of Jersey Shore Area High School and received his Bachelor’s degree from Lock Haven University.  Keefer has coached baseball, wrestling, and football at Montoursville.  Coach started the Strength Training for Life program a decade ago and has been a huge success in helping students learn how to live a long healthy lifestyle.  Mr. Keefer also runs the Driver Education program, which is offered to both Montoursville Area & Loyalsock Township students!  E-mail Mr. Keefer for details on the Driver Ed program!


STFL Lesson Plan:

1. Students must change for class and wear appropriate physical education attire.  Each class the student does not meet this requirement, 3 points is subtracted from the MP grade.

2.  Students must fill out a workout log each class.  Each day that is not filled out properly, 4 points is subtracted from the MP grade.  The workout log is graded at the end of each marking period, which could cause a drastic drop in a student’s final marking period grade if the log was not filled out properly!

3. Students must give their best effort in class each day.